Midnight 7s

Your club, and several other quality clubs from around the Midwest.

Midnight 7s is a great event, and a chance for your team to enjoy some rugby in a dormant time of the year — early February. We play on an indoor soccer pitch, so it’s not your traditional 7s tournament. It’s a little more forward oriented, smashmouth, and ruckworthy, but still fast-paced nonetheless.

There are two separate brackets. On Friday night we’ll have a 9-team college bracket, and Saturday night a 9-team men’s bracket. All players who participate in the college tournament must be college eligible. If you’re a college team with men’s players, then get in on the men’s action Saturday.  Every team is guaranteed three games.

February. 2012 date forthcoming.


The Kansas City Soccer Dome. This facility is the former home of the Arena Football League’s Kansas City Brigade, and we use their pads to line the walls. The “Dome”, as it’s affectionately called, is the best of its kind in Kansas City, featuring state of the art sprint turf, an arcade and full bar. The Dome has everything you’ll need that weekend, from booze to grub to great rugby.

Because where else in the dead of Winter in the Midwest can you enjoy a good rugby time? This tournament is the perfect way to introduce some potential rookies to the sport before spring practice, surround yourself with fellow good-timing ruggers, shake off cabin fever, and last but certainly not least, play SOME DAMN RUGBY in EARLY FEBRUARY!

Last year we had to turn down half a dozen teams on short notice.  This year, we’re starting earlier and going bigger, so don’t miss out on the action.  RSVP with interest ASAP, and to secure your spot in the event, you can send us a check in the mail any time. Obviously, the sooner the better for you and us. We can hold your check until after the tournament, but this is the best way to make sure your spot isn’t given to anyone else.

$225 per team. If your team provides a referee (we’ll accept up to three) we’ll knock the fee down to $200. If You’re a college team and you’re trying to get your school to pay your tourney fee, call us and we can try to help out.

The venue is charging $5 at the door for all spectators. Kids under 12 get in free, players and coaches get in free.


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